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Arkos Interactive is a full service company revolutionizing Africa through Animation, VFX, Virtual Reality and Games Development.

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Our Competencies

We uphold a strong standard of operation, not just as a business but as a service provider that cares for your brand. Hence making us your "One-Stop-Shop".


In todays media, we come across animation in cartoons, commercials, movies, billboards… Literally everywhere. We are pioneers of what the animation industry is becoming.

“If you dream it, Arkos Can create it!”


Film & TV as a whole has evolved over the years, and VFX and motion graphics have really made this industry evolve beyond its limit’s. We are big on VFX and we will bring your productions to life from concept to final product.


The web is an ever evolving part of technology, and it is here to stay. With the advent of NFT’s and blockchain technology, we create solutions to be reckoned with.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.


We at Arkos Interactive are pro gamers and we pride ourselves in this, thus we take on the reins of war when we tackle video game projects… Trust me, you’d wanna work with us:).

VR and AR are emerging technologies we work with and deliver top notch for every industry ranging from fashion to real estate, We’ve got you covered.


Ever hit several roadblocks in being creative with design? or picking a color theme for your product or brand?

Then let us do the heavy lifting for you by branding your company or product from logos, to flyers, brochures and all your design needs.

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